Broken Records

12th May 2018

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Having recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, Broken Records return in March 2018 with their 4th studio album, What We Might Know. After a decade of solid US and European touring, two albums on the legendary 4AD label (Until The Earth begins To Part [2009], Let Me Come Home [2010]) and another on the band’s own J Sharp Records imprint (Weights & Pulleys [2014]), What We Might Know marks a departure from the band’s traditional cinematic, string-drenched sound.

They’ve also come full circle re-uniting with producer Stephen Watkins (PAWS, Amanda Palmer, Teen Canteen) who recorded their self-released debut EP in 2007. The result is a set of eleven songs deliberately stripped back to recapture the chaotic energy of that early EP, and the ecstatic live shows the band are known for.

What We Might Know is a self conscious analysis of the band’s hopes and fears as they move into a different stage of life. The songs speak of obligation, joy, failed and successful relationships, parenthood, and after the relative uncertainties of the last decade the howl of frustration at how and what you’re supposed to be in your 30’s.