Easy on the Dijon: Easter Send-Off by Funraising

22nd March 2018

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Easy on the Dijon is a spicy acid house night. This is an unmissable musical experience where we’re stirring homemade visuals and some incredible decor in the quality mix.

Whisk diverse beats, lo-fi acid, pounding house, insane visuals and everything TB-303 together until well-combined. Remix before using.


Grey poupon // Jaal

DJion // Aardvark Wellington

DJ I’m More of a Ketchup Guy // Chandé

Celine DiJon // Jesse Hazlewood

Colonel Mustard // Reiss Johnson (on vinyl)

expiry date: 22.03.2018

top review by garyluvsmustard
Excellent! This is the best acid house night I have been to yet, a good one if you like yours on the sweeter side.

All funds raised at Easy on the Dijon are going to Mustard Tree, a charity that works to combat poverty and prevent homelessness in Greater Manchester.

– Skiddle has very very kindly agreed to reduce our booking fees, so that you can pay less and we can spread more mustard!

– Night People is a banging new venue on Princess Street and you’re going to want to check it out so come on down x