NightMare Blues – The David Lynch Disco

Saturday 6th July

Ticket price:Β£5



Show time:23:00

The weird and wonderful club night which takes place in the mind of one of cinema’s most innovative and unique creative genius’s head, is now taking place in the real world at Night People on Saturday 6th July!
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The main room will host the David Lynch Disco which will include music from his films, his own music and bands/artists who are influences on/are influenced by the great man himself.
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Room two will be converted into the famous Twin Peaks restaurant, the RR Diner, and casino, One Eyed Jacks, while the legendary lounge-jazz band, The Sycamore Trees, will perform a live set of ambient, moody classics. You’ll even be able to sip on damn fine coffee and tuck into some cherry pie!
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That gum you like really is about to come back in style!