Jesse Dayton

Wednesday 5th June

Ticket price:£12

Support:Russ Tolman


Show time:20:00

Jezebel Music are proud to welcome Jesse Dayton to Manchester, for a show at Night People on Wednesday 5th June. Very special guest is Russ Tolman.

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Jesse Dayton

Jesse Dayton’s story reads like a who’s who of American music. Want to talk about being “born into it”? Imagine a 15-year-old kid born and raised on the Texas/Louisiana border, playing his Telecaster guitar in all-black zydeco bands in Lake Charles, Louisiana; honky-tonk country bands with members left over from the Starday Records’ George Jones days around his hometown of Beaumont, Texas. Dayton was underage and sneaking into night clubs to play shows ’til 3am with east Texas blues legend Little Mack Minor (cousin of Lightning Hopkins and Mance Liscomb), until eventually he was spotted by Gulf Coast hit producer Huey P. Meaux. Mr. Meaux approached Dayton and asked him to record with zydeco star Rockin Dopsey at Houston’s hit factory, Sugarhill Studios. And the story just keeps getting better.

As he enters early adulthood, Dayton begins packing clubs and theaters on the Texas scene with his trio in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. He records his first solo record titled “Raisin’ Cain” for Justice Records with featured guest luminaries, Doug Sahm, Flaco Jiminez and Johnny Gimble that hits Number 1 on the Americana Radio Charts. Jesse tours around the world opening for punk legends Social Distortion, The Supersuckers and X. Jesse is then asked to help arrange and play guitar on The Supersuckers biggest selling record, “Must’ve Been High.” While in Nashville doing press, Waylon Jennings spots him on Nashville TV show ‘Crook & Chase’ and calls Jesse out of the blue at his hotel to play lead guitar on his record, “Right for The Time.” Dayton blows off his flight back to Austin, heads to Woodland Studios where Waylon has sent a car for him, and knocks on the door. Johnny Cash answers it and says, “we’ve been waiting for you.” This leads to Dayton recording guitars on records and film with Cash, Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Johnny Bush and Glen Campbell.

While Dayton is ignored by mainstream country radio, his cult following in the US and Europe continues to grow. A whole new crowd of Americana listening room folks, young college alternative rock fans & disenfranchised aging punk rockers embrace him. He embarks on headlining tours without any tour support from a label.

Just when you thought the story couldn’t get any cooler, horror director/rockstar, Rob Zombie hears Dayton’s record at a party, hunts him down, and calls him to write and record a soundtrack for his film ‘The Devils Rejects’ which lands him in Rolling Stone magazine. Then they co-write songs for Rob’s follow up franchise film, ‘Halloween 2’ (which Dayton appears in playing the part of character ‘Captain Clegg’). Then Dayton writes and records songs for a third Rob Zombie film (this one animated) titled, ’The Haunted World of El Super Beasto.’

After stockpiling songs during his film work, he heads into the studio to record “The Revealer” (back where it all started at Sugarhill Studios in Houston), and the first single “Daddy Was A Badass” becomes a hit on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country channel. As this is happening, Dayton gets a call from, John Doe of LA punk legends X and is asked to fill in for guitarist Billy Zoom on 40-city U.S. tour while Zoom takes time away from the band to undergo cancer treatment.

Jesse Dayton has been on tour non-stop for four years all over the US and Europe. His new record ‘On Fire In Nashville’ is a European only release which was recorded at the AMAs in Sept 2018. It will be released in the UK this May 30th ahead of his June and July festival and club tour, it is a no-holds barred recording at the Filming Station of a short 7 song set which captures Dayton’s smoking guitar licks, clever storytelling and raw energy that has become a staple of every show he does.

Russ Tolman

As the son of a rancher and a former burlesque dancer, folk rock singer/songwriter Russ Tolman grew up in California and Arizona with a romantic view of the American West. Whether images of the open range of the cowboy, the hobo jungle of skid row, or the cross-country adventure of Kerouac’s On The Road, Tolman held a fascination with the freedom and promise of the West.

Meeting Steve Wynn and Kendra Smith at university, Tolman found himself along with his new cohorts forming a band called Suspects. Fast forward a couple years, and Wynn and Smith have moved to Los Angeles to become the Dream Syndicate, while Tolman founded True West, which became the northern guardians of what was to be called the Paisley Underground.

Psychedelic guitarslingers True West shared many stages with their paisley pals Green On Red, Rain Parade, Long Ryders, Three O’Clock, and Dream Syndicate, but True West’s two guitar sound was darker and more hypnotic.

Their debut 45 single, a blistering cover of Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd’s “Lucifer Sam” brought the band national attention, and was quickly followed by their Hollywood Holiday mini-LP.

True West had long been fans of seminal NYC band Television, so were thrilled to go into the studio withTelevision’s Tom Verlaine as their producer.

True West’s next album Drifters brought more touring around the U.S., U.K., and Europe, includingsupporting R.E.M on their 1985 Fables of the Reconstruction Tour.

However, Tolman left the band soon afterward to start his first solo album Totem Poles and Glory Holes, which made many critics’ year-end best-of lists.

Tolman relocated to Los Angeles and recorded his paean to his new found city Down In Earthquake Town, starting a long-term relationship with co-producer Brett Gurewitz, best known as a founder of punk band Bad Religion and head of Epitaph Records.

Coming next were Goodbye Joe, Road Movie, and Sweet Spot, which included many of Tolman’s Hollywood pals like Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde, John Wesley Harding (aka Wes Stace), Howe Gelb of Giant Sand, and Chris Cacavas of Green On Red.

A relocation to San Francisco brought Tolman’s next album City Lights, which was not only evocative of the City By The Bay, but also of John Steinbeck’s mythical central California coast country.

New Quadraphonic Highway found Tolman dabbling at the crossroads of Brian Eno and Texas honky tonk.

The last few years have Tolman going south again, returning to “Palm Tree Land” to release singles like “Los Angeles,” “Time Flies,” “Everybody’s Gonna Love Me,” and his latest “Vancouver Sun.”

In the works is a new album for 2017 that Tolman describes as being inspired by and evocative of the great ’60s-’70s Laurel Canyon singer/songwriter scene.

“I want to write a final love letter to Los Angeles,” says Tolman. That album Goodbye El Dorado was released in 2019

Whether tender acoustic ballads or blistering rock guitar rave-ups, Russ Tolman has crafted some of the most literate and memorable music in underground rock.

So buckle up, throw it in gear, put your foot on the accelerator, and hit the road with Russ Tolman.£12